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Solar Panels Made in USA. This is what Everbright Solar is all about. A majority of the solar products that Everbright Solar sells are either made by Everbright solar itself in the United States, or sourced from other American manufacturers. For example, inside Everbright Solar's light weight high efficiency SunSoaker Series solar panels, the solar cells are made by SolarWorld in Oregon, the backboards are made in Ohio, the EVA's are made in Boston, the frontsheets are made in Boston, and the solar cell interconnect tabbing wires and bus wires are made in North Carolina. These panels help We Care Solar win the Tech Award in San Jose in 2011.

Even our non-premium product offerings like some of the DIY solar panel construction cell kits have very high US content, or contents made from US technology in Germany. We are making sure that almost nothing goes to waste, and we have been bringing whatever that can be utilized to at at low costs to people who otherwise can not afford solar energy

In addition to making solar panels in the United States, Everbright Solar will also start to provide solar power system design and installation service for our customers. In the past four years, Everbright Solar has sold solar panels, solar cells, inverters, and other solar system products to literally over 20,000 customers. Yes, over twenty thousand customers! And every single one of these customer has paid us and was won over by our great products and service, and not by getting freebies. More then 65% of our customers are within the United States, while the rest are all over the world. Please email sales@EverbrightSolar.com or call 510-498-8221 to get a quote to install a solar system on your home or business building.

Everbright Solar is also building a nation wide solar installer network. Our solar hardware customers can be found in every county in the United States. For those installers who are accepted into our network, you will get quality leads from us. Please email installer@EverbrightSolar.com to be considered our preferred installer in your county. Our preferred installers will not only get leads from us, but also the greatest pricing of solar system hardware available in the United States.

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